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Apr 05, 2005 · Overall the truck seems to run well with the exception of a hesitation or stumble as I accelerate off idle. Once I get moving it seems to run fine. Recently installed new cap, rotor, plugs, plug wires, in line fuel filter, O2 sensor and one new injector in the TBI. Jul 27, 2015 · Before you attempt any idle jet resizing, be sure to look into the possible alternate issue that can lead to an off-idle stumble. It could be that too much of the transition slot is used up to get an acceptable idle; although this problem tends to show up more often when putting the engine under a load commensurate with a low-speed cruise. No stumble off idle, not even on a luke warm engine. A little surging on a luke warm engine, and totally gone when the engine is warm. Throttle response changed from "behh" to buttery smooth and very direct.

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Nov 12, 2018 · The car starts, idles and runs ok under gentle acceleration. My problem is a severe stumble on fast acceleration that does not resolve no matter how much adjustment I make to Accel Pump, or Fast Accel inputs. Current settings are Accel Pump 170 = 25.0 and Fast Accel 170 = 50.0

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A little rough today @ 60 mph, but happens most often at idle, maybe a couple times a month, maybe more. I do exceed 1K mi/week. Engine surges, stumbles, @ low speed sometimes stalls, then suddenly runs silky for a good long time.

A better example of my other video, under actual load and throttle application while riding. You can clearly hear it stumble when I just barely add throttle...Jun 20, 2020 · idle is a bit rough and it just sounds off. Going down the lake it usually sounds smooth and jumps from 36 to 40 very quickly. ... Now it seems stuck on stumble at ...

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